Process Mail Receiver

Control The Quality & Quantity of Your Emails

Store, track and process email and attachments, by interrogating the inbox, dissecting the email and attachments and initiating an ExecQDocs workflow process.

Email Inboxes were not designed to be filing cabinets, nor were they supposed to be task management or reminder tools, and yet… it’s still not uncommon for busy professionals to have hundreds, or thousands, of emails in their inboxes dating back months… or even years.

For many, email management devolves into simply removing emails from a server and saving them to a repository. But this is not enough because to do it right, each one must be classified, stored, and perhaps destroyed in a manner consistent with established business policies and standards – just as should be done for all other kinds of documents and records. Email management involves the systematic control of the quality and quantity of electronic messages that are sent from within, and received by, an organization.

Email Inbox as a central hub for workflow

The Qualitas ExecQDocs QWPMR (process mail received) service and mailbox monitor module allows for the storing, tracking and processing of email and attachments, by interrogating the inbox, dissecting the email and attachments and initiating an ExecQDocs workflow process.

Process email received at monitored mailbox (POP3):

Email that has been sent to an unmonitored mailbox can be collected and processed into a QDocs workflow for further action as required.

Responses to email sent from a QDocs workflow can be interpreted and actions can be initiated within the process.

Email sent to mailbox as Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) can be indexed and stored in QDocs for later retrieval.

1. Email sent by anyone to Monitored email mailbox is handled by QWPMR.

2. Mailboxes can be configured to process the email received in a variety of ways.

  • Index the email.
  • Index attachments.
  • Start process.

3. The QWPMR Service is installed and runs unattended.

Available information is collected from the email received and attachments are extracted together with the following:

  • Sender (Email Address of the sender of the email).
  • Subject (Subject matter of the email).
  • Date and time sent.
  • Date and time received.
  • CC (Email address of all Carbon copy recipients).
  • Body (Email body can be extracted in entirety, or text pointers can be setup to collect data from predefined text pointers. For more information see HTML email body).
  • Template (excel, (multiple preformatted sheets) can be attached to the email and data extracted for indexing).
  • Free format text (identify the mailbox or pass data defined per mailbox).
  • Email priority (Senders priority settings).

4. Service log file (logs the activity for each email received).

  • Reporting facility available.

5. Work folders for storage of data from email in xml format and attachments.

  • Facility to exclude attachments by file type. (.jpeg .html etc.)

6. Service Monitor. (Interrogates the work folder and processes xml, index and workflow in.

7. Handling of Attachments can be done on single or multiple attachments.

8. Workflow requirement in QDocs for further processing.