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World-Class Solutions.

Qualitas Technologies is a leader in providing outstanding, integrated business software solutions, providing local products at local prices.

What do you need?


Qualitas provide a number of products and services using various technologies that result in a single integrated and interactive solution for our customers.
Our flagship product, ExecQDocs, is a leader in the Document Imaging field.

Document Management Software


Made up of modular software engines that allow total electronic control of all information generation and dissemination within the organisation.

Data Warehousing Solution


A Data warehousing solution which allows ERP Syspro users to analyse transactional data in a dynamic, interactive and flexible fashion so as to be able to view trends and problem areas.

Enterprise Resource Planning


Qualitas provides a full ERP offering including product, consulting, business re-engineering, implementation, customisation, project management, support and training.

Powered by Microsoft Office 365

Introducing ExecQMail

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of ExecQMail – our brand-new built-in mail system powered by Microsoft’s latest technology with Office 365.

This significant new feature, offering a seamless and efficient email service, negates the need to have MS Outlook running on your workstation.

Why ExecQMail?

In short: Streamlined communication and enhanced productivity!
Whether you’re working on Terminal Servers or Citrix, ExecQMail ensures a hassle-free email experience, eliminating the need for additional software installations.

Key Features Include

Built-in mail system

Utilizing Microsoft's latest technology

No need for Outlook on your workstation

Compatible with Office 365

Ideal for sites running Terminal Servers or Citrix

Work Smarter, Not Harder:

With ExecQMail, focus on what matters most without the clutter. Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and seamless integration with Office 365, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

What we do


The Qualitas offering consists of a combination of products and services. Each business opportunity is approached from a consultative and solution-orientated point of view.

Very often the product (if any) forms the lesser part of any solution, while technology is considered the enabler rather than the solution itself. Whilst some of the products used in providing the solution will be standard, the total solution is almost always tailored to suit each client’s unique requirements.

Our mission

Growing with our customers

Our vision is to focus on bringing practical world-class solutions to customers whose financially orientated systems are failing to assist with managing their business in the most effective way. Our customers include: