How It Works

  • Invoices are loaded onto the tablet (based on driver’s login) prior to the driver leaving site.  Data is stored locally on the device which means that connectivity is not a mandatory requirement, making the solution ideal for deliveries to remote locations.
  • When connectivity is available, the system allows for real time integration with SYSPRO.
  • As an invoice is loaded in SYSPRO, it becomes immediately available to be added to the tablet, together with any other data related to the invoice.
  • The multitenant architecture means that the application can link to multiple SYSPRO databases or companies.
  • On the receiving end, signing for receipt of goods takes place on the tablet.
  • The driver can take photos of supporting documentation and/or stock.  These photos then get attached to the signed POD. This is most useful in the case where stock is damaged as proof of damage, in the form of photos, can be included on the POD.
  • Once connected to the network, documents are automatically uploaded into ExecQDocs.

The talented developers at Qualitas are now working on extending this functionality to a more generic integration with other databases such as Pastel, SAP and more.