Improving business processes through workflow capabilities

ExecQDocs offers so many benefits to businesses, not least of which is the opportunity to improve business processes through its extensive workflow capabilities.

Workflow Infographic

All too often though, clients do not have the time to review their existing processes and we are often faced with the challenge of ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’.  Clients also fear that they may have to implement new software and train staff.

Time and time again we have implemented workflow systems, using the client’s existing systems, that have resolved serious business issues as well as tightening security and saving time. We see the benefits daily.  We have previously shared a customer success story and continue to do so in order to inspire others to constantly innovate and improve their operations and service offering.

Our latest example comes from a client who deals with daily support calls.  They came up with a great way to process the calls more efficiently, using ExecQDocs workflow system.

They are using the system to automate a function that has been totally manual to date.

The process is as follows:

  1. Instead of calling the support desk, the Customer submits their query/request/cry for help to the Support Centre by email. Benefits: No time taken up with a phonecall and we are now creating a full audit trail of the issue right from inception.
  2. Now that the ticket has been raised, the customer has been identified and is associated with all the existing information that is recorded against the customer.
  3. The ticket is categorised using a pre-defined set of categories.
  4. Using predefined estimates of the price for each category, a quote is generated on-the-fly for the Customer based on the ticket.

At this point, support contracts etc. could be consulted.

  1. The quote is sent to the customer via return mail, so that they can prepare their purchase order.
  2. The consultant is assigned the work together with all the information bundled neatly together (like a job card or time sheet)
  3. The consultant does the work and has the Job card or time sheet signed off.
  4. Billing payment and any adjustments are completed.

While this may sound like any existing job card or ticketing system, it is important to note that this system has been created using existing systems that staff are already familiar with.  The only additional input required to get this fully operational is a workflow setup in ExecQDocs.

This system then has the added benefit of being used to determine Resource planning based on real requirements.