3 reasons why your business shouldn’t ignore document management and workflow solutions


Any organisation, regardless of size, is made up of a number of functions that need to be effectively carried out to produce a particular product or service to market. This therefore, requires that processes are implemented and adhered to.

A one man show can usually be informal in the approach to process, but add more resources to the equation and your processes need to be documented and stored for reference.

Processes will have different levels of complexity and as a company grows, so processes will become more and more comprehensive, and usually more complex. From a security point-of-view many steps in processes may require authorisation and this can cause bottlenecks.

Processes also involve paperwork, and legislation usually demands the storage of said paperwork as proof and for auditing purposes.

This is where document management and workflow solutions step in.

So what benefits would a system bring to your organisation:

  1. Automation ensures that processes are correctly followed without missing any steps – In order to be effective, processes need to be documented. With people following documented processes human error, or even laziness, can result in the failure of the process. An automated, systematic process is far more robust and forces the formality of the process ensuring that each step is followed in the correct sequence, resulting in efficiency.
  2. Forced sign-off ensures security risks are minimized – Depending on the nature of your business, and business processes, certain parts of the workflow may require sign-off from authorised personnel only. Loosely documented processes can easily be over-ridden, however, an automated system makes this far more difficult.
  3. Adherence to legislation – Protection of personal information has been legislated in most countries across the globe, and if it has not yet been legislated, it will be soon. No matter where you operate from, however, if you have an internet presence you will have to adhere to the legislated restrictions set out by other countries. Making use of systems is a great way to ensure that you adhere to the legislated policies that govern the processing of information. Those companies that do not adopt these processes risk facing heavy penalties in the form of financial fines, or even jail terms for individuals who do not comply.

With time being so limited in today’s world, can you afford not to implement a system that makes storing and retrieval of critical documents easy and efficient with automated workflow?

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